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The maritime city of Natane was the base for the northern fleet of Kharjik during The Seeking. In 220 AS, the Jervian navy captured it after the Battle of Stillwater Bay , which is regarded as the last major battle of the Kharj-Jervian War. In 222 AS, the JLF (Jervian Leviathan Force) was called home and Quellers were sent in to restore order. The Quelling of Natane lasted from 222-225 AS, and in 226 AS, became a special administrative region returned to the Halona Federation, governed by a triumvirate composed of Jervian, Kharj, and Halonan magistrates. It was the last known city where the practice of prevention was exposed and subsequently discontinued by The Kal Arna Council.

Geography and Climate:
Natane is located along the western seashore of Halona, and its administrative area includes the Yenene Flat-lands. The city is surrounded on three sides by the sea and its harbor is protected from rough seas by the island of Bel Henna. Natane lies in the transition zone between a Humid subtropical and humid continental climate, but as it is at the western end of the Halonan Peninsula, its climate is strongly influenced by the surrounding Sapphire Sea: springtime warming and autumn cooling are delayed by one month, winds are generally high, and the average diurnal temperature throughout the year is small— with only a few degrees of variance. Winters are cold and dry, but still warmer than inland places located at the same latitude; the average temperature quite cold seeing generous snowfall for the duration. Summers are hot and humid.

Natane is a commercial port and major fishing center with industries supporting these sectors. The Natanese are well known for there production of fine rope and production of the coveted Natanese pitch. It is also a key area for the production of coconuts and other tropical fruit.

People,Culture& Customs:
The Natanese rally around the sea, freedom, and profits. While the old suspicions of the races persists the Natanese are primarily concerned with maintaining peace and pursuing the path of pacifism. This attitude towards violence can be attributed to the Kharj-Jervian War being ended here. Natane also remains a shining example of Jervian Quelling. As a seafaring people, they are mercantile and possess strong faculties to pursue those ends however they remain a superstitious bunch and many still pay lip service to,if not believe in, myth, legend, and lore.


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